It's no secret to my friends, that I love a man with some good solid facial hair. Beards and mustaches = I am a fan. So I really love Upton's Naturals Fake Meat products. I mean, look at that packaging. It may be fake meat but the mustache is all reaaaal. (wait, what?)

Upton's is based in Chicago and specializes in Sietan - essentially wheat meat - protein made from wheat gluten, which if you're really resourceful, you can make yourself. Learn HOW. Just try and tell me this doesn't look appetizing.

So with my wheat meat, I make a "scramble" of onion, shitaake mushroom, and seitan. I liked this pretty pic of the mushrooms. I could eat mushrooms all day.

And here is the finished product. With a little cheese on top, it was quite delicious and really took about 10 minutes to make. I also sprinkled bacon bits over the dish (not really!)

Check out Upton's mustache pics and their recipe blog for inspiration. Oh and more great mustache pics here too.

And let's get a close up on that gorgeous facial hair.