Tomato Vodka Hummus

I recently became the lucky recepient of a Fox & Obel gift certificate. For those of you who don't know what this place is - it's magical and Chicago's answer to New York's famed Dean & Deluca (must fine food shoppes always have 2 names?) Fancy foods line the walls and crowd the aisles and on this day, I may have spent hours there, deciding the best possible way to spend my F&O money.

Once home, I decided cooking for myself was boring so I invited some friends over to share in my gourmet loot. The dish I decided to put out while people arrived was hummus, and I utilized my exotic new Tomato-Vodka Mustard to flavor the bean spread.

Made in Napa Valley

And my favorite flaky French salt.

And the finished product, which doesn't even need a recipe, it's so easy. Put the following in a food processor: 2 cans of Garbanzo beans (chickpeas if that's your thing), the juice from one lemon, olive oil, mustard, salt & pepper, cumin and blend. It was enjoyed.

Later in the night, we started a congo line but that's for a different blog.

Fox & Obel
401 East Illinois Street
Chicago, IL 60611-4319
(312) 410-7301

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Tim said...

'twas a tasty evening.

I used to post things on my blog. Alas...