Chicago French Market

View from the taxi. Photos by Javier Ayala

As a celebration of the nice weather last week, friend Javier planned a "secret lunch outing". The 4 of us headed out around 12noon, weaving through tourists and side streets, blindly following our leader Javier, until we hit the Water Taxi platform. The $2.00 ride is totally awesome and you can ride it all the way down to Chinatown (yep). This is a recommended activity.

We hoped off at the Madison stop and walked over to the new Chicago French Market, which is less French and more Grand Central Station, but still cool. Numerous food stalls line the large indoor space, selling everything from fresh fish and olives, to Italian gelato and freshly fried Belgian taters. I had my first "raw" meal (a lifestyle promoting the consumption of un-cooked, un-processed, and often organic foods as a large percentage of the diet) at food stall RAW. and while it was good, not cooking your food comes at a price...

My $13 raw burrito. The raw sour cream was made out of cashews.

Samples get me every time!

From Raw's web site: "...RAW. food stewards, Carole Jones and Polly Gaza, find it important to incorporate 100% organic raw vegan food into one’s diet and celebrate the taste of the whole food in its natural state without altering or diminishing the nutritional content.

While this certainly tasted good and I'm all for healthy food consumption (most of the time), eating exclusively raw food seems a bit extreme, not to mention labor-intensive and possibly annoying to those you dine with (oh and expensive). But I still recommend tasting it, and RAW. is a good place for that.

The cheese stall sold cheese encased in wax, to look like a beer. I want this. It's not raw.

Chicago's French Market
131 N. Clinton
Mon - Fri: 7am - 7:30pm
Saturdays: 8:30am - 6pm


Anonymous said...

Bon Jour,
Love me that luxurious water taxi ride!


SharkAttaq said...

I've never eaten an entirely raw meal. But your delicious description of an entirely raw meal really makes me want to try one. And the water taxi sounds great too. Oh geez, that burrito must have been good for $13. Yikes!!

R.Mando said...

I've walked past that market a few times now and have been curious. I haven't stopped in because I'm always on my way somewhere, but I'll make sure to make time.