In Pictures: Mexico

This was my brother's one souvenir purchase. His Mexican wrestling name is La Pinata. I know.

Chicago's own La Pasadita in Cozumel! Who knew!

The bloody finger really helps illustrate the point.

My new friend, Roger the Rooster, Coconuts bar's mascot.

Jackson loved the grasshopper made out of palm leaves.

Um, my dad. Yeah. Super cool.

Fresh shrimp ceviche, super limey.

The fresh catch, soon to be served to awaiting patrons. Note the t-shirt worn by the fisherman.

Can't beat that cloud-free sky.

Fresh flash-fried red snapper.

Kayla and Kevin's double birthday celebration.

Habanero salsa - SUPER hot and made with vinegar. It left your lips tingling long after a bite.

The lovely Veronica cooked us all dinner one evening...

...and here are the results. Amazingly good.

I wish Campbell's sold this in the US - zucchini flower soup!


Mariachis doing "El Rey" in honor of Peen's dad.

First stop after getting off the plane...

I was envious of the colors in Cozumel, houses, murals, walls - it's very bright.


dapeen said...

I want that mural on the side of my house .... for real. Great pics!!

Pirate Zehra said...

hahaha whoa. awesome pic of your dad!!!