Turkish Delights

In the process of transferring old photos off my old camera, to save for posterity, I found some real gems from my trip to Istanbul, Turkey with my friend Lindsay and her (Turkish) family in 2008. The country was beautiful, the people were generous and the food was absolutely amazing. I'd eat a Turkish breakfast - olives, white cheese, tomatoes, and fruit - every day for the rest of my life.

Zeytins! Olives! They were everywhere and this made me happy.

In the amazing spice market(I could live there), you could shave pieces off from these towers of pistachio candy.

The spice market! The sellers there are very smooth, using lines like "You are so beautiful, for you, I charge only 10 lira!" on every woman who walks by. You can also bargain in these markets - in fact, it's expected.

Breakfast - olives, cheese, jam and bread. Not pictured: the strongest coffee you've ever had.

This was a little cafe right off the jelly-fish filled Bosphorus, the winding river that separates Europe from Asia. Freelance fishermen caught fish off of the bridge, and sold them directly to the restaurant. They then chop off the fish's head, grill it and serve it on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and lemon juice. And that's all they serve. Talk about fresh, Uncle Turan was proud to bring us here.

Coffee in Turkey is strong, thick and will give you the shakes. Those who wish for less of a caffeine buzz should opt for the tea, which is just as prevalent. Here, I went for an artistic shot while on a bargaining break in the Grand Bazaar.

We did a lot of this.

Turkey had some amazing snack food advertisements. America should take note and step up their game.


Javier Child said...

I so want olives now!

Pirate Zehra said...

lets go back now!!!!!