State and Lake: A Lunch In Photos

Walking into State and Lake, the new American restaurant located on the ground floor of the fabulous Wit hotel, one is enveloped by warm tones of dark wood and (maybe it's just me) drawn to the long curved bar, which sits in the center of the space, and creates a feeling of rustic sophistication. Even more so, the food echoes this feeling of high-class comfort and really, the pictures below speak for themselves.

Heirloom tomato "carpaccio".

A delicate crab omelet

Lobster. Roll. Surrounded by Old Bay chips. Yes please.

State and Lake
at theWit Hotel
201 N. State
Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner


Hila said...

Oh dear god that looks amazing. And naughty! I might just have to treat myself to a lobster roll and mimosa tomorrow. Yes, I know it's Thursday.

The Mando said...

I want a lobster roll immediately!