The Return: Alex's Morsels

Name: Da Peen
Age: 28
Occupation: Ba-a-a-arber with a bacon sized ego
Resides in: Ukie Village, Chicago

1. Fav restaurant in Chicago - brand spankin' new or an old stand by:

The old standby for my family and I is definitely Nuevo Leon. It's pretty much...da bomb. I could eat their beans and tortillas everyday. Mexi in the house!! The new restaurant in Chicago that we tried with our friends from D.C. was Nightwood. This place is super fresh and everything from the gooey mozzarella appetizer to the blueberry gimlet to the fresh trout and the port paired with fresh baked desserts, was just delicious. I'm falling in love all over again just typing about this joint. Da Peen is definitely representin' Pilsen here.

2. If you could have dinner with any chef or food personality, who would it be and where would you go?:

I would take that dude with the beard that lost in the last season of Top Chef. Shannon...I need some help with his name. Anyway, he was super sweet and he had a tattoo of a pig because he loved bacon so much. I would take that dude and we would go to Pequod's Pizza and get a 5 dollar personal lunch pan pizza with Canadian bacon and share some Old Style. [Ed. Note - it's Kevin Gillespie, my personal fav and gnome look alike. Nice pic]

3. What hasn’t been battered and fried that you think should be?

I would really like to take a tamale, put some mole in it, batter it and fry it up. I think that sounds tasty .

4. What’s in your freezer that you should have gotten rid of 2 years ago?:

I'm not at home but I'm sure that I have some Breyer's Vanilla Bean circa the last decade. Also...Shannon's retainer.

6. Do you think the CTA should add a snack-car to each train?:

I usually find quite an array of snacks left behind from fellow dwellers in the city... Cheetos, half bottles of pop, and peanuts. However, I think peanuts and beer would be a nice addition, especially on the red line near Wrigley.

7. Speaking of, what was your favorite childhood snack?:

Kudos bars. My mom would NEVER buy me snacks for my lunchbox ...like she would give me marshmallows or cereal but when I was lucky - KUDOS BARS!! I still buy those bad boys once and a while.

8. It's the year 2042 and our new robot government has insisted that we all eat the same breakfast every day, day after day. What would you choose?

Dunkin Donuts coffee (even 2 year-olds have to drink at least one medium cup), followed with 2 eggs over easy with bacon. Yes that's right, our government has declared bacon to be the antioxidant of all antioxidants. In addition, one-half of an english muffin and one piece of raisin toast with tangerine juice and 7 grapes on the side.

9. What is your favorite comfort food meal? We’re talking wintery-cozy-belly-filling goodness here.:

Sausage, potatoes, and cabbage: basically one huge sloppy mess of goodness slopped into a bowl. You must have this accompanied by a nice warm loaf of french bread with butter. This is delish.

10. Give us the Rodney Dangerfield of veggies - what vegetable doesn’t get the respect it deserves?

Jicama. I love me some jicama. Maybe it's a fruit but it's used with a lot of dessert. I can eat that stuff plain. I see it on salads. My favorite way to eat it is with a hint of lime and salt. Like...I just cut it and eat it and it's like heaven. Word.

10. And finally, is Dippin' Dots really the ice cream of the future?

Yea, bacon-flavored Dippin' Dots - it's good for you.


juicebox ange said...

LOL pistachio gelato is the ice cream of the future. but ill let peen be da judge.

kjp said...

I'm so glad you're back. You've been missed. xoxoxox

Javier Child said...

Love the 2042 breakfast option. It's very 2015 too.