Vegetarian Challenge 2009: Chris Loses on Day 4 to a Tuna Sandwich!

Sooooooo. A few weeks (months) ago, I posed a challenge to my dear friend Chris Daniels* to eat vegetarian for one week, and one week only. Chris, the heartiest meat-eater I know, gladly took me up on the challenge and here, I am finally getting around to posting some of his reflections (we're going to get deep here people!). This took so long because Chris and I are both extremely busy (drinking). Enjoy...

*Last name changed to protect Chris' privacy.

Day 1:

Now were cooking....oh actually no I'm not. These foods are raw! Except the eggs and toast I had for breakfast. Lunch as you can see is vegetable sushi which they call "snack pack". hmmm....interesting. I should have saved the avocado ones for last.

And Fresh fruit.

By now my body might start to notice 1 key ingredient
missing from all these food items. Can you guess what it is......?
That's right! Jack Daniels!
No joke just spilled all the soy sauce on my shirt. Has nothing to do
with the diet change.....or does it?

1 day down. Stay tuned for day 2.

Day 2:

Breakfast: 11:30 AM

Now it's getting interesting because I'm beginning to see what the vegetarian goes through in regards to "Menu Choices". Don't think I needed quotes there but what the heck "right"? So today I was a wee hungover. I mean probably a 5 on the 1-to -10 scale but traditionally this has been "THE" meat meal in my life. The hangover meal.

But I think I made a very good choice because I had a bean burrito from Taco Bell (see picture).

I thought it odd that it already had those two bites in it but man I was freaking hangover hungry and all bets were off so I ate it as is. Now this is a seriously underrated American meal. $1.59? My meat eating eyes had just never considered it an option before. Now it was the "ONLY" option. It's funny because I now think if it was as hard as it is to get meat as it is to get veggie options on any given menu, people would probably eat less meat. It's all about numbers.

Lunch: 2:30 PM (Chris time is different than other people time)

Vegi Pot Stickers
Vegi Rice Bowl

I'm now realizing that if you put soy sauce on anything, it's going to taste better. If I was given the choice of giving up meat or salt, I think I'd pick meat. I loves me some salt.

So this lunch was good. Not much to write about though I s'pose.

Day 3:
Chris sent me no reflections because he is a busy executive but promised no meat was eaten.

Day 4 and A Meat-eaters Vegetarian Conclusion:

So the streak ended at four full days. I wronged a lot of people (well not a lot) by thrashing my way through a heavenly tuna fish sandwich….sounds kind of anticlimactic I know. In the beginning of the endeavor I envisioned a nice big juicy Italian beef in all its spotlighted glory as my prize at the finish line….but no, I settled for a freakin tuna fish sandwich from Subway, exactly 14 hours short of the finish line. Oh well - easy come, easy go I suppose.

Actually it wasn’t meat I craved so much on my fast from carnivorous things, it was just a general lack of menu items to choose from in general. I like almost all the same things that most vegetarians like. I just figure hey why not throw a little meat on the experiment.

I think the real issue at hand is the morality issue - how often we eat it and where our meat comes from in this country. The process of force feeding countless animals things which we wouldn’t let our house roaches eat much less the animals we intend to eat, is really a tough pill to swallow even for the fiercest of meat eaters. And yet a meat eater I still is….

I honestly think we would have less vegetarians (at least the ones who only do it for health reasons) if we had BETTER, more humanely produced meat to choose from. More organic choices at more reasonable prices perhaps? Maybe, but for now I guess the word of the day is moderation. For me at least. I don’t think I’ll ever completely give up red meaty fun, but I think my arteries could probably use a vacation or two from sausage world.

And I never claimed to get along with Will Power.


smitty said...

ooooh! i call that a technicality, because the city veg herself eats the fish from time to time, if i'm not mistaken? but a very noble effort!

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

you are not mistaken smitts. and I agree, a valiant effort!