The Mean Beef in Montreal

I was recently in Montreal for a quick 2-day business trip and was delighted to discover a beautiful, European-feeling city full of sharply dressed Canadians and gorgeous old buildings. We stayed in Old (Vieux) Montreal, which is exactly what it sounds like - the oldest and most classical part of the city, lined with cobble stoned streets that wind around the historic buildings, creating a picturesque maze of trendy shops and restaurants.

Our first night in the city, we headed to Mechant Boeuf - which roughly translates to the "Mean Beef" - for a hearty meal, and I hoped, some poutine. I had heard of the famous Canadian dish of gravy, cheese curds and french fries but never had the pleasure of trying it myself so this was a goal for the evening ahead.

As we approached the restaurant, the cow's head on the side of the building gave the restaurant away and we walked in to find a large space with a trendy feel - a large waterfall on the back wall, deep red lighting, a ceiling of windows and a friendly DJ who goes by the name DJ Fake Jake.

The view from our table. I wonder what sort of interesting exchanges the people who live in those apartments have seen down below.

A beef-decorated waterfall wall.

DJ Fake Jake kept the party going well after our food was gone.

So...while the rest of our meal was hearty and delicious, the only item I felt was photo and blog worthy was this delicious pile of poutine. Mission accomplished! Yes, this was beef gravy (when in Rome...) but I didn't care! The delicious mix of salty gravy and creamy cheese curds was enough to sell me on poutine as my new favorite comfort (junk?) food. I think I consumed 2 more orders of the good stuff over the course of my stay in Quebec, and I don't regret a single bite! Now, I'm on the hunt for poutine in Chicago - any leads?

Mechant Boeuf, Bar*Brasserie
124, rue Saint-Paul Quest
Vieux-Montreal, QC H2Y1Z3

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The Daily V said...

If there's one thing I hate, it's Chicago tourist traps. But if you're willing to tolerate the Millennium Park crowd, you can find some great Poutine at The Gage (24 S. Michican Ave., across the street from the Millennium Park ice rink). Here's a link to their menu:

Hope this helps!