Liquid Gold

After a particularly grueling workday, my officemates (yes, mates) and I head to Tavern at The Park for a post-sitting-at-our-computers-all-day cocktail. Yes, Tavern at the Park is a bit on the pricey side but they pour the perfect dirty martini (with blue cheese olives) and once you've had the best, it's just hard to go back to Oldtimer's.

In addition to the classic dirty martini, they offer an array of other creative specialty cocktails - from gimlets and margaritas to the 20-Sixtini - Mandarin Vodka, Vanilla-infused simple syrup, Blue Moon beer, authentic ginger beer and edible gold. Yes people, GOLD. I think $12.00 is a small price to pay to drink this valuable metal! And the name of the drink, as you may have figured out, shows their support for the 2016 Olympics landing in Chicago. No matter your opinion of the 2016 Olympics arriving in Chicago(the CTA would really need to step it up), the drink is creative and did I mention, golden?

In addtion to a cocktail, we usually munch on an order of "Straws and Strings" - basically, a large plate of paper thin onion slices and potatoes, fried to golden (ha) perfection, and served with truffle aioli and spicy ketchup. The price on this delicacy? $6! Add in the steakhouse like atmosphere and cozy booths, and all the sudden this trip to Tavern at The Park seems like a bargain! (or this is what we tell ourselves). See you there.

Tavern at The Park
130 East Randolph Street


Brandy said...

I love the Gold Martini's they are delicious! When are we going back?

Anonymous said...

Martinis and straws & strings are your basic food groups around here

-javier child

Kate said...

Sold! I now have one more reason to drag my husband downtown for a nice little dining excursion. Yummers!

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

alright Kate! Let me know what you think!