Fake Mexi Meat! Muy Super!

In the heart of Little Village, a neighborhood even more southwest than Pilsen, there lies a vegetarian paradise. Anyone who knows me, knows of my cravings for fake meat - Boca Burgers, Soyrizo and Tofurkey - I can't get enough of the stuff. It's not that I even necessarily think that these treats taste like real meat - they don't and that's not the point. It's that they easily give a vegetarian something extremely hearty to chow down on, while simultaneously expanding our options for yumminess. I am, to say the least, a fan.

So I was so happy to find El Faro, on the corner of 31st Street & Pulaski - a Mexican restaurant that serves fake "chicken", "ham", and even "steak" alongside the real stuff. This is a place for everyone and can easily solve the "where to go to dinner" dilemma for a half-vegetarian couple!

We started out with some jamaica flower water, and an order of molletes - toast with beans and cheese. I've apparently been making and enjoying molletes for years, I just never knew what it was called.

Then, on to the main course, Peen represented the meat eating people of the world by ordering 2 carne asada quesadillas, which were, according to her, quite delish. Her face says "oh yeah."

I had a fake-steak taco and a Cuban torta - which came with fake ham, fake bacon, fake steak, a fried egg, mayonnaise, avocado & tomato slices and queso. Um yes, it was a lot of food, but I enjoyed every last bite of it. And was super full. I think that fake meat may expand once it hits your stomach...

Lailah, also on team vegetarian, enjoyed a trio of tacos - soyrizo, fake chicken and fake steak. She loved the soyrizo version so much, she ordered an extra one and gave me her leftover "chicken".

El Faro also has breakfast specialties - pancakes and chilaquiles, and an entire portion of the menu dedicated to healthy juice drinks. So really, regardless of your preferences for meat or no-meat, any fan of Mexican food can be happy at El Faro. This place...brings people together!

Something is so funny.

Hee Hee.

Fake meat causes the giggles.


dapeen said...

great post shan - we should do Mi Tierra next!

Anonymous said...

Muy yummy!


Lailah Rose said...

Yayer para soy-rizos!!! :)

juicebox ange said...

so god dam'd cute!