The Well-Traveled Palate

I took another trip to the Chicago Downtown Farmstand last week, and found that they were featuring locally made items from Kamdar Plaza on Devon Avenue. I was glad to get to try some items from the uptown Indian grocery store, as a trek from Pilsen to Devon without a car, isn't exactly a quick one. (I do need to try to get there in person soon, as I just accidentally spent an hour on their web site, and I'm sure could kill a few hours in the actual store.)

So while at the Farmstand, I picked out some Chappati, a light Indian flatbread, a container of parsley-heavy tabouleh and a tub of hummus. All I needed for a perfectly light dinner.

When I got home, I was upset to realize that I had no cheese in the fridge. Basically, as a rule, I need cheese in everything I eat so I had to remedy this right away. But the grocery stores next to my apartment only sell Mexican cheeses, so I ran out and picked up a container of Cotija cheese. Crumbly like Parmesan, it's similar in flavor to Feta and adds a nice saltiness to any dish.

So with the Mexican grocery store and Cotija as my inspiration (I was thinking tacos), I put together a hummus and tabouleh flatbread sprinkled with Cotija. A little Mexican, a little Indian, and a little Middle-Eastern - it was a multicultural meal to please the most well-traveled of palates!


smitty said...

mmmmm...cotija is my favorite. i love this!

carbomb said...

We need to go to Udupi Palace - it's my favorite place on Devon and it's all veggie. So delicious.

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

CT, I am so there!