Spicy Bok Choy with a Fried Egg

After my weekly pilgrimage to the South Loop Whole Foods, I ended up with some organic bok choy, sweet red onions, grape tomatoes and various containers of soy meats. I decided to make these items work into a healthy little meal. I grabbed my grill pan and a bottle of sambal (I go through about one a week. I think I'm a prime candidate for an upcoming stomach ulcer) and got to work.

Before I started though, I decided to make some art with my head of bok choy. I am such an artiste!

Spicy Bok Choy
One head of bok choy, washed
Olive oil
Sambal paste
Rice wine vinegar
Celery salt, pepper, and cumin

1. Heat your grill or grill pan, and coat with olive oil (a thin layer) and a few tablespoons of sambal. Careful, a little of this hot stuff goes a long way.
2. Slice the bok choy into grillable pieces, place on the grill and LEAVE
3. Check for grill marks. If there, flip and WAIT
4. Season with celery salt and pepper
5. When the bok choy is grilled to your liking, remove and dress with any of the leftover sambal (which should now be a bit caramelized) and a few splashes of rice wine vinegar.
6. Enjoy with a fried egg (runny yolk style) and various other grilled veggies.

Simple, classic, and healthy.

Runny egg-yolk close up. glumuymmmgumymymy (this is the noise I imagine a runny egg yolk to make)


dapeen said...

whoah..best choice

smitty said...

beautiful pictures! i also love doing something similar with swiss chard. yum.

Clancy said...