It Came To Me In a Dream...

This, is a romantically-lit screenshot from my future dreams.

It's the dessert sampler at downtown's Trattoria No. 10. Delicious, nutritious (?), and sweet to the max, this chef's selection included chocolate-orange panna cotta, elephant ear crisps, tiramasu, chocolate covered strawberries, profiteroles with Valrhona chocolate sauce, apple crisp with vanilla-bean ice cream, fruit and a flourless chocolate cake. The only way this could have been better, is if they had thrown in a few Pocky sticks.

So 8,543 calories and a sugar-rush later, I decided that the dessert wasn't even the best part of the meal. I heartily recommend Trattoria for classic Italian food with a twist and of course, leave room for dessert(s).

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bootney lee farnsworth said...

hey fun!
i remember when Smash dipped his profiteroles in chocolate and it was hilarious AND DELICIOUS!