Spicy Buffalo Tofu with Mushrooms

I'm addicted to the South Loop Whole Foods. So much so that I took 2 buses - each way - so I could go to the Whole Foods salad bar on Sunday night. You know how some people crave a big juicy steak? Well, I crave salad bars. Ummm hmmm.

So on this trip, (after using the CTA Bus Tracker to keep my OCD in check) I discovered Soul Gourmet's Spicy Buffalo Tofu, made by chef Rahtsiyah Wolfolk. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE love love buffalo wing sauce - but not the actual wings. This was right up my alley! I ignored the $5.99 price tag (are you seeing a theme here?) and when I got home, whipped up a spice-ified vegetarian feast.

These were my secret salty ingredients - pickled hot peppers, lemon juice (just a tad), and pickled garlic.

The end result - spicy, salty, hearty and totally worth the evening on the CTA.

Spicy Buffalo Tofu with Mushrooms
Soul Gourmet's Buffalo Tofu nuggets
1 package of white button mushrooms
One small onion
Juice from one-half of a small lemon
Blue cheese for garnish
Hot pickled peppers (save one for garnish)

1. Dice and saute the onions in olive oil. Add chopped mushrooms, lemon juice, pickled peppers, and diced pickled garlic
2. When onion is translucent, add the package of Spicy Buffalo Tofu, sauce and all
3. Saute until heated through
4. Serve and garnish with cheese and pepper!

Whole Foods - South Loop
1101 S. Canal St
From Pilsen, take the Damen bus to Roosevelt
Wait....take the Roosevelt bus to Canal


carbomb said...

You must've had the breath of an angel after this one.

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

Oh you know it!