So Proud of You!

The 2009 Gay Pride Parade was yesterday, here in Chicago, and it was a doozy. It seemed like the entire city of Chicago was out to show their support and while supporting, also drinking heavily. It made for a fun day with a lot of love in the crowd from random strangers and made me proud to be living in a great city where a massive event like this is well organized, heavily promoted, and well attended. We watched floats sponsored by everyone from WGN (what up Tom Skilling!) and the Illinois Lottery, to KISS FM (Drex, I love you) and PFLAG. As the parade was ending, our tummies began to growl and we went on the prowl...for food.

After a few missteps into packed places that couldn't seat our large group of 10, Greg recommended Wilde and off we went. We were seated right away and I proceeded to eat one of the greatest bar meals I've had in a long time.
Wilde describes itself as an upscale Irish bar & restaurant and I think that's a pretty accurate description. The dark wood interior is cozy yet spacious (irony!) and the menu is comfort food, to the max. The walls are adorned with portraits of Oscar himself and quotes like "Love and gluttony justify anything". I couldn't agree more. And on this particular day, as busy as they were with all the revelers from the parade, the service was still spot on. Wilde, I think I love you.

Peen and I shared an order of Potato Pie "Rissoles" - cheddar and onion deep fried potato cakes served with spiced ketchup. These...were amazing. They were basically croquettes - perfectly crunchy and not overly greasy. Anything that contains potatoes, cheese and includes the word fried, works for me, but these were incredibly well done.
4 of us (40%!) or our group ordered one of their signature dishes, the old stand by, fish and chips. Flaky and again, not overly greasy, this hit the spot. I was sure to dress mine up with plenty of malt vinegar and dug right in.

I regret not getting a photo of Wilde's onion rings - THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD - but they were eaten too quickly! Please just go and order these as soon as you can.

Finally, on the way out, bellies full of food and pride, we were given a sample of this little delicacy: Salted Caramel Cupcakes from Pheobe's Cupcakes. This cupcake was life changing. The frosting was whipped so it was extra light and airy, and the combination of the rich sugary caramel with the light sprinkling of sea salt on top, made for a heavenly bite.

Browsing their web site, it seems like they also have more creative flavors for their little bundles of joy - White Peach Bellini, Cotton Candy and even Breakfast Cupcakes - which are Maple soaked Buttermilk Cake with a Maple Butter Frosting topped with Crispy Bacon.

After all this food, I rolled myself into a cab and headed back down to Pilsen. All in all it was a great day, made even better by the sharing of some amazing food, with some amazing people.

3130 N. Broadway
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 244-0404

Phoebe's Cupcakes
3327 N. Broadway Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657

First Photo by: Javier Ayala


dapeen said...

I particularly liked when that dude was dancing with the tasty cakes and singing "yes they are free o yes they are free..uh huh uh huh all free all free" PROUD OF YOU!

meg said...

must bring the breakfast cupcake for a staff meeting!!!! it would make it all better.

Kate said...

Drex, I love you, too! I heard someone say a little while back that Drex might be off the air soon ... and I hope it was just a vicious rumor. Seriously, it would be so sad to see him and Mel-T go!

I haven't been to Wilde, but I will say one of my favorite places to get fish and chips (and a Bloody Mary, if the right bartender is on duty) is O'Callaghan's on Hubbard (between State and Dearborn). Order them with the waffle fries and YUM.

greg said...

I went back tonight with my good friend who introduced me to this great place, and had the Chicken Pot Pie. You have to go back just for that....simply amazing!

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

@Peen - I forgot about the cupcake guy's little song. That was genius.

@Meg - you're totally right - it would make it all worth it. haha

@Kate - Drex fans unite! and I'll have to check out O'Callaghan's.

@Greg - You already went back!!!!! Let's go again soon :)

Tim said...

I'm bummed I missed this weekend in Chicago (or was I secretly on a float with Drex?). Nice new layout on the blog too.