Ribfest Recap

What's that you say? Orange is good color on me? Why, thank you!

I picked out this lovely poncho to wear to the opening morning of Ribfest, an annual Rib cook-off and fundraiser that takes place in Chicago's North Center neighborhood and is sponsored by the North Center Chamber of Commerce.

My friend runs the company that puts on this behemoth ribcage-celebration festival every year and I had been recruited as a member of the "key staff". This means I got to wear a headset and use a walkie talkie. Awesome!

So Saturday morning started off rainy. We weren't sure how attendance would be affected. But soon enough, after the gates opened at NOON, people started to trickle in (although none were wearing such a cool poncho as moi), and begin to eat, drink, watch the bands and vote for their favorite ribs. As the day and weekend wore on, the sun came out and there were thousands upon thousands of people congregating on the few blocks that made up the festival area.

Because this festival is hosted within Chicago city limits, all of the rib vendors participating have to be licenced and accredited restaurants so this is not a mom and pop BBQ cook off. In addition to ribs, there were vendors selling everything from Greek Salad and Gyros to frozen cheesecake. And at the end of the day on Sunday, the fan favorite for BEST RIBS, as voted by attendees of the festival, was Cordis Brothers Supper Club! Any restaurant that calls itself a supper club, is good in my book!

This booth sold bacon-wrapped hot dogs and Lindsay could not resist Mr. Dog. I think they're getting married this weekend.

Vegan Ribs from De.li.cious Cafe, a new vegetarian restaurant in the neighborhood. These were so good! Made from seitan, they were grilled and crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Slathered in BBQ sauce, I recommended these all weekend to patrons.

And they gave out free fake mustaches with their vegan ribs. Who doesn't love a good mustache?

The winning ribs from Cordis Brothers!

My favorite meal of the weekend was a Greek Salad on a lightly grilled pita, covered in Feta Cheese Dressing. Yes - Feta. Cheese. Dressing. Why didn't I think of this?

All in all it was an amazing, exhausting and successful weekend. It felt good to be part of a great team of people who worked together to create and manage a huge city festival with little to no problems and some delicious results. Sign me up for next year!


lindsay.zehra said...

mmmm makes me hungry again. and, yes - i am getting married to him this coming weekend. all are invited! Thanks, cityvegetable!

dapeen said...

can u please - wear that poncho for my birthday. Puh-lease

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

If you're lucky, I'll get you one too!