(Miss) Cleo's

After a long day of helping a friend move into a new apartment, we all headed to Cleo's on Chicago Avenue. Located across the street from one of my old stand-bys, High Dive, Cleo's is the oft overlooked bar/restaurant that not only pours a good beer, but has great food. With a friendly unpretentious staff, and two locations both near Wicker Park, I wanted to give a shout out to what may very well become my new "old stand-by" (especially since I've heard their Sunday Brunch Bloody Mary Bar is quite the smorgasbord). Here are a few shots from our post-move snack-down.

The view from the bar.

A Greek salad with French Fries. On the menu, it's listed as the Vegetarian Salad. This is an example of why vegetarians aren't always skinnier than their meat-eating counterparts.

Cleo's offers a variety of thin crust "personal" pizzas. We enjoyed the fresh basil and goat cheese pie. Truly a tummy filler.

1935 West Chicago

2nd location at:
2048 W Armitage Ave

And don't forget Miss Cleo


dapeen said...

That pizza was soooooo good. The pictures here are very nice. I also hear that the dive might be doing a brunch as well in the near future. Lil tip.

smitty said...

vegetarian salad! amazing.