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Chicago's Downtown Farmstand is right around the corner from my office. It's such a gem - a storefront right in the middle of the busy loop, which stocks only local ingredients. They define local as food made or grown no further than 250 miles from Chicago. And while it can be expensive, depending on what you pick out, if you feel good knowing you're supporting local businesses and farms, then this is the place for you. Just get out the credit card! (I'm like the anti-Suze Orman)

In addition to the local produce and frozen goods, each month they also feature meals from a local ethnic businesses and this month features, spinach pies, spanakopita and other Greek specialties.

On my last trip to The Stand (that's what the cool kids call it), I picked up a bag of fresh arugula, two Wisconsin cheeses, whole-grain pita and Spicy Olive Bruschetta from River Valley Ranch in Burlington, WI. I whipped it all together into a healthy meal for me and my dining companion for the evening, Ms. L. Ozgunay (otherwise known at The Tornado).

Here is the end result of my localvore shopping trip - a toasted pita bread with Spicy Olive Bruschetta and an Arugula Salad, with Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar and Blue Cheese, dressed with Lake Shore Dressing. And below, find my recipe for Lake Shore Drive Dressing, because I must say, it was really, really good.

Lake Shore Drive Dressing:
The Spice House's Lake Shore Drive Seasoning
Olive oil
Lemon Juice (fresh squeezed please)
Dijon Mustard
A few minced green olives
Salt and Peppa'

Whisk all ingredients together and do NOT be shy with the Lake Shore Seasoning. This is the main flavor base for the dressing and gives it an herby, green flavor. Enjoy (locally!)

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Anonymous said...

It was SOOOO good, too! I'll take seconds, please.