I'm on a ROOF!

For months, I had heard rumors of a chi-chi rooftop bar opening right next door to my place of employment. The closer the opening date got, the more excited my coworkers and I got. We needed a little glamour at the end of our long days!

And sure enough, Roof, located on the 27th Floor of the new Wit Hotel, does not disappoint. Barely open a week, I've already been there twice!

Open most nights until 2am (yes!), the impeccably designed lounge serves a menu of small plates and an arsenal of creative cocktails like a Pimm's Cup and Hibiscus Margaritas, at around $12 a pop. All in all, not bad for what is essentially a hotel bar. The food menu ranges from a platter of house cured lemon olives to a mushroom and goat cheese flatbread pizza. The food prices range from $5.00 to $16 - again, very reasonable.

And the VIEW - it can not be beat. I'll see you at Roof. I'll be there most nights.

The view from the north west side of the lounge, of the classic corncob buildings and Chicago river. Quite magnificent. You can also sit in the back of the lounge for a south east view, which in the evening, is even more fabulous.

Here's a little taste of the crowd at Roof. I mean, can you get any more glamorous!!!?

The grilled artichokes covered with melted mozzarella (I think). Very simple and very delicious. Artichokes at their best.

The cheap plate - $5.00 for a heaping bowl of huge olives. Have you ever seen pinkish olives like these?

And in honor of my blog post title, here's a link to my favorite video of the moment - I'm On A BOAT

201 N.State St.
(312) 467-0200


lindsayzehra said...

ooooohh fancy, city vegetable!!

Lindsay said...

DC Lindsay here. I'll be back in August and I want to go here. Please take me.

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

you got it DC Lindsay!