Mexican Food Delights

A few highlights from my recent trip down to Cancun, Mexcio (with none other than the Mexican-rapper, Peen)...


We ate a lot (a lot!) of food at the resort we stayed at and they did not mess around. Fresh guacamole was always on the menu. My dream.

A plate full of fresh salads - romaine with an avocado dressing, nopalitos (cactus) salad with red onion and a light vinagrette, cucumbers with cilantro, carrot slaw, and my favorite - a lightly pickled red cabbage salad. Very very delicious.


This outdoor seafood restaurant can be found downtown, or centro, on the interior of a large flea market. Shrimp cocktail and calamari abound! This was my order or garlic shrimp. The veggies and rice were forgettable but the shrimp - oh the shrimp! Fresh, salty and most importantly, garlicky. I saw garlic shrimp on almost every menu in town.

A crab empanada. This was very fishy tasty, with little threads of crab, but was better with lots of salsa and lime.

Spanish Wal-Mart

That's right, we did it. We went to Wal-Mart. But only because it was 10PM on Mother's Day evening and everything else was closed! It pretty much looked like a regular old Wal-Mart, with some new and exciting products. One of these being Plantain Sunchips. I wonder if these will ever arrive in the US.

I saw Hawaiian Pizza advertised all over the place! In our hotel room, on the sides of buses, in this Wal-Mart. Peen said it's because people want meat on their pizza and ham is a cheap meat so this makes the Hawaiian pizza a nice option for those watching their pennies. But I don't know...any Mexicans have some insight for us on this trend?

La Parilla

This is where we went to see Mariachis - who will perform songs table side using violins, guitars, horns and a strong singing voice, for a fee. We probably spent $75 on Mariachis this night, entertaining Peen's mother with songs from her homeland. It was definitely a highlight.

This little girl was enjoying the music as well.

What swine flu? While we saw very few people wearing masks the entire trip, each restaurant did seem to have their own little bottle of hand sanitizer at the tables. Here's La Parilla's version. Better safe than sorry I guess.


Perico's is a large restaurant located in Downtown Cancun and a favorite of Peen's family. The bar stools have saddles on them, the waiters play jokes on you and the menu is large. My kinda place. Being Mother's Day, we started off with a toast...eh...a shot of tequila...to honor moms everywhere! The tomato juice chaser was perfect.

The meal started off with a basket of chips and bread - served not with salsa but refried beans and red pepper butter.

Here is our waiter, Vazquez. As you can see, he was very talented and earlier in the night, he balanced 12 stacked glasses on his head. Seriously, Cirque du Soleil, here he comes. I love him.

The joke was on us...

The perfect margarita. Because of the swine flu scare, Perico's was only serving the buffet, and the place was empty by 8pm. They hadn't ordered enough food because of the decline in tourism and locals hanging out downtown. An interesting side effect of the flu hysteria.

Captain's Cove

After a huge meal of seafood at Captain's Cove, we all had Mexican coffees. The preparation for these was elaborate - heating of the sugared rim, flaming Kahlua, melted ice cream, cinnamon - it's all a blur. But it was quite delicious and a sweet sweet way to end the last meal in Cancun.

A flan double take.


dapeen said...

nice work Yolanda - Vasquez misses u.

juicebox ange said...

fabulouso mama. i love your blogs. they are fantabulous. i cant wait for mehico ;)

dapeen said...

btw...I made up that comment about the Hawaiian pizza - aaahaaaaaaaa.

Kelly said...

Me encanta este Blog de Mexico. Bien hecho! AjJAJA Viva!

smitty said...

did that pizza really cost 57 dollas?

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

@juicebox - aw thanks, you're my main huey

@peen - ass

@smitty - no, that was 57 pesos, so about $4.41. what a deal!

@kelly - GRACIAS!