Cooking With Chayote

I bought a "soup vegetable packet" on my last trip to El Guero #3, my local Mexican grocery store. I'm trying to save money and nothing is better for that than whipping up a big pot of soup and living off of it all week. Boring? Sometimes. But friendly on the wallet. So anyway, the veggies included in this soup starter were a half of a cabbage, 2 carrots, one stalk of celery, a bunch of parsely and cilantro, an onion and something I had never seen before. See exhibit A below.

The vegetable above is a Chayote. It reminds me of an old man who lost his dentures. A few clicks on Google and I found out that this is a type of squash or gourd, and popular in Costa Rica and Mexico.

When putting together my cheap soup, I cut into the chayote, which looked like a green apple on the inside, chopped it into small pieces, and boiled it with the rest of the vegetables. Once cooked, it tasted like a cross between a potato and a bitter apple. I don't know if I've found my new favorite vegetable but hey, trying new things is always exciting to me. Thanks chayote!

Mr. Chayote, chilling with the Pilsen spice blend that Carmen got me for a house warming present.

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