A Cubs Rap

Finally! A post from my favorite rapper, Peen, in honor of the Cubbies and the wonderous world of stadium food. She starts it off, Wesley Willis style...
This is a rap dedicated to my favorite past time
Cubbies baseball kick-starting up my spring rhyme (hit it Brendan)

It was opening day...9th year in a row
Cold, rainy, and dreary but I was there 4 sho

We start every year at 9am sharp
Mimosa's, Bud Lights, and bloodies 'til they took off the rain tarp

Clark and Addison is where the drunken feast erupted, at 36 degrees
Two Old Style's apiece and nachos with jalapeƱos and of course pump cheese

It's getting really cold by the second inning,
I get two more beers...why? Because the Cubs are winning!

Wrigley's got a new pretzel and I hear it's 4 lbs in weight
We opted for the hawt dawgs and more beers (maybe a mistake?)

It's about the 5th inning and Lindsay cannot feel her hands
I cannot feel my face so we opt for more Wrigleyville shenanigans

Sluggers is where we head for skeeball and to watch the rest of the game
Had more beers and put in a Phil Collins request cuz the crowd was lame

Cubbies slam the Rockies, 4 to zip!
This was a prime opportunity for another food/drink trip

Hopped in a cab north to grab some more dranks and can barely see
Order up two large Stella's, garlic fries, and a BLT

I eat the same...I drink the same...and it's always crappy weather,
This is most of what I remember but each year it gets better.

There was a lot of all-American cuisine consumed and a lot of baseball lovin'
A lot of of Cubbie high-fives and a ton of beer chuggin'

What more could you want from this day every year?
Come with next time - and buy me a beer!


smitty said...

cute pic - too bad pam couldn't be there! nice harry caray shirt linds!

lindsay.zehra said...

It was a good day. I think maybe we tried to jump the cemetary gates toward the end of the night.

dapeen said...

there was no maybe....

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Well rapped, peen. Way to cheer on the best team in baseball, ladies!!
Just wonderful bog, Shanny.
Play Ball!