Wanderlust Soup

Yeah, yeah...two soup posts in a row. Sorry but there is nothing I want more when it's 20 degrees outside than a big steamy bowl of salty broth with some hearty noodles. And this particular soup was inspired by my winter wanderlust, dreams of warm exotic places, and a No Reservations marathon a few weeks ago. Bourdain slurped on a big steaming bowl of Vietnamese Pho, so I tried my hand at a vegetarian Pho-inspired soup.
Wanderlust Soup
1 package of rice or udon noodles
Broth (either chicken or vegetable)
Ginger root
2 Red onions
1 head of white cabbage
2 cups of green beans, frenched
Cilantro, Basil, Mint, and 3-4 Limes
Sesame Oil
Soy sauce and sambal

This really couldn't be easier so I'm not going to insult you, fine reader, by listing out the steps here. Slice and cook all the veggies until soft, doctor up the broth with the oil, soy sauce and sambal and garnish each bowl with fresh cilantro, basil, mint and the juice of one lime.

It's hearty, spicy and refreshing all at once. For my version, I also added strips of baked tofu. It's pretty.


smitty said...

looks like yum! come here and make that for me

Kelly said...

PHO! This is a staple in Seattle...if you come visit I will bring you to the best spots.

bozo the clown said...

dag that was spicy, yo!