Sawa's Old Warsaw Polish Style Smorgasbord

On the way to a co-worker's baby's 1st birthday party in Brookfield, we got a little lost and ended up driving right by Sawa's Old Warsaw Polish Style Smorgasbord. Not only do I love perogis, but I could tell, even just by looking at the outside of the joint, that it would appeal to my inner-grandma. Also, there were some old peepaw's chilling outside the restaurant on a couch. So cool.

So after the party, we had to pop in for a look-see and a few drinks at the cozy bar. The Smorgasbord part of the deal looked and smelled amazing - a dozen prepared salads, perogis by the bushel, stuffed cabbage, sauerkraut...it went on and on. It was hard to pass up the food but I'll be back...oh yes, I will be back. The perogis will be mine!!! Who's with me!?

You feel like you're at grandma's house - if grandma had a full bar and poured Zywiec

The gorgeous scene in one of the dining rooms.

Anyone who wants to come with me, please leave your overalls at home. Sorry!


piratezehra said...

We HAVE to go there stat!

Brandy said...

We have to go back there...it smelled delicous. Road trip to Brookfield!! :-)

steverino said...

No overalls?! I'm out.