Kirmizi Biber: Turkish Hot Pepper

During my last trip to NYC, I carved out some time for a trip to my favorite spice house, Kalustyan's. Located right in my old neighborhood, the store can entertain me for hours. I always stock up on exotic spices (as I may be a bit of a spice hoarder - the more I have in my cabinet, the better I feel) and this time I came back with a packet of Kirmizi Biber. The bold red pepper flakes are sweet when they hit your tongue, then comes the heat, and would be a welcome flavor addition to pizza, eggs or other starchy dishes.

And when I was researching Kirmizi Biber, which is derived from cayenne peppers, I found a link to a song called Kirmizi Biber by Turkish artist Bendeniz. You'll like the song, named after hot peppers, if like me you are a fan of the middle eastern beat. The wonders of the internet!

For Lindsay

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piratezehra said...

I LOVE it!!! You are MY bendeniz, shannon.