Brewin - The Conclusion (Or is it....)

I joined Carmen and Carlo last weekend for the conclusion to one of their beer bottling adventures. Carlo lives right down the street from me, which is exciting (especially if he continues brewing beer and inviting me over). I showed up and they had transferred Carmen's IPA into a bucket for straining and bottling. The goal was to keep as much hop leaf out of the actual bottles of beer.

Check out those 80's shoulder pads on my blazer! I got to taste Carmen's pre-carbonated IPA, which smelled amazing, earthy and rich, and tasted very hoppy. Carlo also shared with us his espresso stout which was SO so so good. Dark, bold and filled with over 30 shots of espresso, the batch woke me up and relaxed me at the same time.

Here they are considering naming their next beer after me. Kidding!

The ladle and strainer helped Carmen remove some of the hops prior to bottling, while making sure all the flavor stayed in the batch. Her beer is officially a dry hopped IPA and the bottles will hopefully be ready to taste in a week or so. I, for one, am excited to taste the unnamed-brew. What do you think Carmen should call her beer?


i love the television show full house said...

Pilsen IPA (Not Pilsner)

Anonymous said...

green jean ale