Taco Mex for Mija

Peen's Grandma recently passed away. So last weekend, I went over to her house to help her start cleaning, sorting, and organizing her grandma's things. We needed fuel for this heavy task, so we met Peen's sister at Taco Mex, right off of 106th, on the South Side. Taco Mex is known for their tamales so what else did I order but cheese and jalapenos tamales! The corn husks filled with corn meal were creamy with just the right touch of spiciness from the peppers. Peen and Marcy rounded out the meal with an order of Carnitas and Chilaquiles.

After stuffing ourselves with rice and beans, we went to work, for a good 4 hours - cleaning and sorting through years of her grandma's life. We found the papers she got when she walked across the border from Mexico to Texas many years ago. We found the drawings that a little Peen had made for Grandma back in 1986, still in perfect condition. In the kitchen, there were giant clay pots that she used to make beans right on the stove, and old fashioned ice-cube trays. We found potions and powders, left over from her superstitious beliefs. And at every turn, there was a framed Jesus staring right back at us. But as we sorted through her life, we hoped that Grandma could somehow feel the care and love that we put into this task.

Sadness aside, we found some amazing stuff.

Grandma had some amazing glasses. And hats.


dapeen said...

grandma would have loved this. thanks ma

Kelly said...

RIP Grandma Peen - I bet she was a terrific woman.