Split Pea and Ham Soup (vegetarian style)

Guest blogger Carbomb is back with a super-delicious-sounding-mouthwatering-take on Split Pea and Ham (Tofu).

One of my favorite soups when I was not living with a veggie was split pea and ham. There's just something so right about the flavor and consistency of mushy peas and then bits of savory meat in the middle of that thick delicious soup. I've made a variation that the whole house can eat and I pretend that tofu is as good as pork.

For the soup:
Vegetable broth
Salt & Peppa
Of course, lots of peas (I just had a bunch of frozen peas, but you can go authentic with split peas if you got em)

I let that cook up until the potatoes are tender and the flavors have had time to hang out. While that's going, I take my brick of extra firm tofu, quarter it and rub both sides with salt, pepper and a Jerk rub that was intended for pork, fish or chicken, and approximates what the flavor might be on real protein - on the tofu. Heat oil (I used a garlic/hot pepper infused oil for even more kick) in a pan and cook up the tofu until it's nice and crusty with all the flavors.

Take the soup and food processor the crap out of all of it until it's nice and thick and smooth. Throw it back on the stove, toss in some corn to add some texture. Dice the cooked up Jerk tofu and toss it in the soup as well. Cheese makes everything better, so throw some of that on there too and you have a nice approximation of split pea and ham soup that your veggie-for-18-years fella can enjoy.

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