Some More Brewin'

Beer babies!

And now the exciting middle-part of Carmen's brewing adventure. (side note, her friend Carlo lives a block away from my new place. Score! I am totes inviting myself to the conclusion of the brewing process) Take it away Carmen.

Its been 2 weeks since we put our wort (the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer or whisky) in an air tight carboy with a small packet of yeast. It has since then fermented into beer. Carlo and I met up this weekend to take our next step in the brewing process. Carlo sprung for the kegging system. He didn't like waiting anymore. Plus, how cool would it be to pull up to party with a keg of your own beer?!

The first thing we did was clean the keg really well. It was an old 5 gallon soda keg that smelled like sprite. After it was nice and clean Carlo siphoned his porter from the carboy into the keg. While that was happening, we poured 15 shots of espresso into the keg. He then attached the Co2 to the keg and turned the gas and shook the keg for about an hour so the Co2 mixed in well with the beer.

I then took Carlo's carboy and cleaned it out so we could transfer my IPA for the dry hopping process. I ordered some whole hop leaves from American Brewmaster. When it came in the mail at work I walked around and showed it off even though it was in a vacuum sealed foil bag. I was so excited to finally open it. Carlo and I had to taste it. It pretty much tasted the way it smelled...really hoppy.

While siphoning the IPA from the yeast filled carboy into a clean carboy, I added the whole hop leaves. We also took that opportunity to pour ourselves a glass of the beer post-fermentation and pre dry hopped. It was fantastic! I then gave it a good mix and sealed it back up. The hops won't make the beer stronger in alcohol content. Instead it gives a good strong hoppy aroma and taste.

My IPA post-ferment pre-added hops. It was so good. It wasn't carbonated though. It has such a beautiful color.

We returned to the keg. After adding the Co2 and shaking it for a while Carlo had to try it. Unfortunately, the beer shot out at full force giving us a pint full of head. It might of been a combination of the pressure that was built up and the constant shaking of the keg. So we let the pint settle a bit and the tasted the coffee porter. It was fantastic. Carlo decided it was probably best to let the keg rest and cool down before trying to pour another glass. If all goes well, he should be enjoying a nice pint of coffee porter as we speak.

Gotta let the beer relax!

Tune in next week for bottling!

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beer gogglez said...

Oh man. I want to do this soooo baaaaaddddddddd!!! You guys are real masters of the universe.