Sloppy Jo's Lunchroom

Welcome Kate, guest blogger extraordinaire, with her suburban slop-sloppy jo adventure!
One evening, Desi and I were watching some sort of MetroMix show and they featured Sloppy Jo's Lunchroom. We decided that this might be the best idea ever and that we needed to check it out. So, Myself, Desi, Tim and Micah set out on the first big snow day of the year to Highland Park to eat some sloppy jo's.

Here are some of the finer points of Sloppy Jo's Lunchroom:
1... it's decorated adorably...
2... it has lots of candy...
3... you can play with Etch-A-Sketches...
4... the buns are un-cut and hollowed out instead, so they're easier to eat...
5... they use recycled materials...
6... it's cheap as hell
7... it's only 20 minutes away

Their Adorable Little Sloppy Jo Character.

I Etch-A-Sketched My Name.

The Etch-A-Sketches

The Recycling Info.

Super Cute Decorations and Super Super Cute Micah.


Also Yum.



Anonymous said...

I could not agree more!! I would like to add that for the nostalgic types, they have stuff like Tab and retro candy. This shop has also inspired many to look further into non-petroleum products when you need disposables. When it's not snowing, consider getting Sloppy Jo's to go and bring it to your lawn picnic at Ravinia. (I'm just a customer, not a shareholder!)

Kelly said...

Yum Yum and Yum. Why didn't I think of this idea? Damn. I am home in April and must try this place!!

Tim said...

I like their ultra simple menu too.


Alphred said...

I like their website... Sloppy Jo's Lunchroom

I will definitely be checking this place out next week.



kjp said...

Woah! Ditto to everything above and yes, this place is super awesome and their website is really representative of what the place is like.

Go there ASAP!