A Warm House Makes a Warm Heart

That's what my grandma always said. Or maybe it was a clean house? Oh well. Regardless, Kate hosted an amazing house warming party on Saturday at her brand new condo.

Prosciutto roll ups and in the back there, a Mexican Cheesecake. The Mexican Cheesecake is my mom's secret recipe - and is basically a savory cheesecake that you use as a dip for chips and pita. It's heavenly if I do say so myself, and if you'd like the recipe, let me know. But I'll have to kill ya.

Look at that spread - olives, baked feta, and hummus, oh my!

Jello shots came in small and large.

I don't remember who gave Kate the Sham-Wow for a house warming present, but whoever it was obviously loves German engineering.

Pleased party people!

Thanks Kate - please have lots more parties soon.

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