The Super Salad with Balsamic Braised Green and Yellow Beans

I'm officially calling 2009 the Year of The Salad! Yes! Rock! The salad pictured above was Sunday's meal and included my recipe for balsamic braised beans. Come on, jump on the salad trend - everyone's doing it!

Balsamic Braised Green and Yellow Beans
• Fresh Green and yellow beans
• Balsamic vinegar
• Vegetable broth
• 1 large white onion
• 1 shallot
• Olive oil
• Salt and peppa'

1. Cut the ends off the beans, slice in half or bite size pieces and add to a pan of hot olive oil
2. Add chopped onion and shallot
3. Saute for 5 minutes or so
4. Add balsamic vinegar and vegetable broth, enough to cover the beans and onions
5. Boil until the beans are soft, the liquid is reduced and the sauce is thickened - about 20 minutes
6. Salt and pepper to taste

Enjoy! I find these are actually even better cold.

Pretty, pretty beans


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