Nuevo Leon

The rapping Mexican herself, Alex Peen, introduced me to Nuevo Leon right around the time I moved back to Chicago, about a year ago. I had been living in NYC, where finding good Mexican food takes a trek to the outer boroughs. Heck, good Tex-Mex can be hard to find there. So when we walked into Nuevo Leon, in Pilsen, on that fateful day, I was really itching for some delicious, authentic Mexican food. And the restaurant did not disappoint.

The menu is extensive - ranging from Chicharrones Con Huevos En Salsa (Pork rinds covered in salsa) to Pastel De Tres Leches (Butter cake in a crispy shell, soaked in 3 milks). The meal always starts out with a complimentary cup of homemade chicken and vegetable soup, which usually includes an entire boiled chicken wing, as well as a serving of spicy pickled carrots, onions, and jalapenos - and freshly fried tortilla chips with homemade (spicy) salsa.

From here, it's up to you. A few of my recommendations...

Queso Panela - on the appetizer menu, this could serve as a meal for most. That's right - a meal of JUST cheese. To be more specific, you get five pieces of grilled panela cheese topped with a blend of grilled diced tomatoes, onion, and jalapenos. The panela cheese, which I had never had or even heard of, reminded me of a salty mozzarella. The dish arrived decorated with nice brown grill marks on both sides and was quite delicious.

Refried Beans with an order of Flour Tortillas - what can I say about this combination which is the simplest and for me, one of the most satisfying meals one can eat. Their flour tortillas are freshly made, thick and chewy.

Camaron Al Mojo De Ajo - This is a huge platter of shrimp, which is heavily seasoned and covered in a red pimento sauce, placed on a bed of lettuce, red rice, tomatoes and decorated with a light crumbling of queso fresco. One of the best dishes I've had at a restaurant in months. And I couldn't finish it, which is saying a lot about the portion size.

So I say to you dear reader, run, take a train(pink line), a bus(ashland bus), a car(your lincoln mercury) or a helicopter(you can rent one). Just get there, to Nuevo Leon, this weekend. You can thank me on Monday!

(Also, they randomly have a coloring game on their web site that's really fun! HERE)

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dapeen said...

chorizo and eggs...for under 4 bucks with beans and rice. Mamma Mia!! The iced tea is killer as well.