A New Year

When I was in college, my friends Brian and Mando, got me into Chicago indie band The Sea and Cake. They played a New Year's Eve show last night at Schuba's, which is akin to my very own Cheers. So it was a no brainer to attend the show. Prior to heading over to Schuba's, Steve and I had some people over, cooked some party food and enjoyed a few drinks at our place.

Baked Goat Cheese with Marinara and Olive Oil. Super simple and delicious! Seriously. Just put a log of goat cheese in a terrine, cover with marinara, and if you're really fancy, sprinkle with white truffle salt. Bake until bubbly!

Sopes, which are a traditional Mexican creation - essentially ground corn cakes - covered with pinto beans, salsa rojo, olive oil, lime juice and queso fresco. I baked these until the outside was crispy. Delicious but next time, we need to add some sour creama!

And a few NYE portraits....

Cabbin' it over.

A distinguished Mando.

These 2 are in love.

Artistic! Things were getting a little blurry at this point.

Tim did a great job working the door.

These 2 are in love too.

More here.

So as I sit here watching an Iron Chef America marathon (Rick Bayless vs. Bobby Flay right now - Battle Bison), I'm thinking about my goals for the new year. I have many...to be a good person, to try and help others when I can, to cook healthy and delicious food and taste many new foods, to travel, to help animals, to have fun adventures, and finally, to always keep learning. What about you?

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