Jay's Morsels

Age: 27
Occupation: Rock promoter, man-about-town
Resides in: LES, New York City

1. Favorite band with some sort of food in its name:
Right now it would have to be Passion Pit - though I'm not a huge fan of passion fruit, I do enjoy their pretty pop music. If you asked me this question in 1996 the answer would have been an emphatic Reel Big Fish.

2. Give us your favorite vegetable and how you like it prepared:
I really dig on some oven roasted zucchini, but I'd be lying if I didn't say it is my mom's broccoli casserole. I can't divulge what goes into the dish as it is a family secret, but if you'd like to taste it throw a pot luck and invite me.

3. If you could only eat 1 flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Its tough to imagine life without a vanilla or old school black and white milkshake so it would have to be that wonderful bean.

4. Favorite food show:
Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network with Guy Fieri. He has a dream job and any show that often features gravy is a winner in my book. After watching six straight episodes last week, Yaps said it best, "I like anyone who wears their sunglasses like that." Oh, but let's be clear - his Fridays' commercials are annoying as hell.

5. Please describe your ideal 2 am drunken feast:
Though I've always been a huge fan of pepperoni and mushroom slices along with the late night diner run that must involve mozzarella sticks and onion rings, my pallet has recently matured. Actually that is bullshit. I've got the taste buds of a child, but I recently had a late night dinner at Freemans in the Lower East Side. It's tucked away at the end of - you guessed it - the dead-end Freeman's Alley and has magical dishes. I consider this a 2 am drunken fest because that is probably the only time you can get a seat. Be sure to get the Mac n Cheese and the Devils on Horseback - don't ask, just order it.

6. Favorite steak-house side dish:
More steak or perhaps a lobster tail. Actually, it would probably be creamed spinach or the prosciutto bread pudding at NYC's Dylan Prime.

7. If you live in Chicago, give us your favorite restaurant here in
Chi-town. If not, share with us the number one spot in your city
Well, if you want a steak, I'd say hit Dylan Prime. My most frequented spot is called Zucco: The French Diner which is on Orchard Street. It is a hole in the wall spot with 3 tables and a bar. They have a great assortment of delicious French cuisine along with a great selection of sandwiches for lunch meetings. Try the mussels! [Ed. note: What, no New Jersey Chili's?!?]

8. How do you take your coffee?
Skim milk/No Sugar

9. Top 3 condiments:
Spicy Mustard, Ranch Dressing and Old Bay. If Old Bay counts as a spice then I'd have to throw in a hot sauce - preferably Red Devil.

10. How do you like d'em apples?
Grilled on a bed of spinach with some walnuts and Gorgonzola cheese.


Dora said...

Glad to hear we have a fav TV show in common!

Jungle Jay said...

Guy Rules!

carbomb said...

I thought your 2am drunken fest involved chicken rolls embedded in your side. But I guess your tastes have matured...