Health Soup

I am officially sick. I've tried to deny it for the last few days but my bright red nose, achy neck and stuffy nose have locked it in. Last night was particularly uncomfortable, and all I wanted to eat was a big steaming bowl of soup. So I made a vegetable soup full of nutrient rich ingredients to assist my immune system. This recipe is good for the sick, the tired, or the plain lazy (it's so easy!).

Health Soup
Yukon Gold Potatoes
One big yellow onion, diced
One head of Napa cabbage
A few leaves of kale
Vegetable broth
Salt and Pepper
Vegetable Broth
Sambal Hot Sauce

Boil everything together in the broth, season to taste and eat until full and un-stuffy!

Cabbage and Kale! Take that cold!


Oddly enough, Smash loves greens. Here, I am dangling some kale in front of him. Such a tease.


carbomb said...

You said vegetable broth twice. You must be sick!

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

I blame the Theraflu!