Emma B's Morsels

I'm a day late (and a dolla' short) with this one...enjoy the morsels of my dear lady, Emily.

Age: 28
Occupation: Party Thrower, Fun-monger, Pocket Kitty Protector
Resides in: sunny Los Angeles, CA

1. Favorite band with some sort of food in its name:

2. Give us your favorite vegetable and how you like it prepared:
It's hard to pick, but beets maybe. In a salad, pickled, or just with some butter. Mmmmmmm.

3. If you could only eat 1 flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Whatever that kind is with the teeny peanut butter cups in it. Elephant or moose tracks? Something.

4. Favorite food show:
Top Chef and No Reservations are a tie.

5. Please describe your ideal 2 am drunken feast:
Hmm. Bean and cheese burrito from the taco truck near the Echo. With the exception of taco truck goodness and bacon wrapped hotdogs (yes, that's right, and they are a close second) you would be shocked at how few late night food options there are in LA.

6. Favorite steak-house side dish:
Sauteed mushrooms and onions.

7. If you live in Chicago, give us your favorite restaurant here in
Chi-town. If not, share with us the number one spot in your city
Elf. Best little vegetarian comfort food kind of place with a great atmosphere in Echo Park.

8. How do you take your coffee?
Black. Espresso or Americano. The stronger the better.

9. Top 3 condiments:
•Peanut Sauce
•BBQ Sauce

10. How do you like d'em apples?
With a side of Matt Damon.

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