Carmen's Morsels

Age: 26
Occupation: Photographer, architectural expert
Resides in: Andersonville, Chicago

1. Favorite band with some sort of food in its name:
Hmm...this one is hard. Gravy Train?

2. Give us your favorite vegetable and how you like it prepared:
Are mushrooms veggies? After further investigation..they are not. I guess it can be anything, deep fried and topped with hot sauce.

3. If you could only eat 1 flavor of ice cream for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Not really into sweet food of any kind. Eh...strawberry? But only Breyers.

4. Favorite food show:
Lydia's Kitchen on PBS. She loves to use tons of salt.

5. Please describe your ideal 2 am drunken feast:
Pretty much anything with melted cheese or anything deep fried. A good example would be makeshift nachos...just grab whatever crunchy thing you have, slather it with cheese and pop it in the microwave. Topped with hot sauce.

6. Favorite steak-house side dish:
The mushrooms served with chimichurri sauce from Ole Ole.

7. If you live in Chicago, give us your favorite restaurant here in
Chi-town. If not, share with us the number one spot in your city
Thats a loaded question. Right now...Lincoln Tavern. Damn good pierogis.

8. How do you take your coffee?
Loaded with cream and sugar. I hate it when its too bitter.

9. Top 3 condiments:
•Fair Oaks Farms habanero sauce
•Wisconsin Hot Sauce
•Hooters Hot Sauce

10. How do you like d'em apples?
Picked right off the tree.


Crisitna said...

Hi my name is Carmen,
I love hot sauce.
The end.

Stevie said...

no references to bacon? who wrote this?

Kelly said...

bacon covered in hot sauce!