The California Clipper

Saturday night, after heading to see Kate's new place (much success!), we walked over to the California Clipper on Augusta and California. The retro-themed bar has walls lined with booths (my fav) and deep red lighting throughout. The drinks themselves are old fashioned - Tom Collins, Brandy Alexanders, Singapore Slings. They even have a Grasshopper, which I hadn't seen on a menu since I was a waitress at an old timer's restaurant on Long Island - but that's another story. We all decided to try the champagne cocktail, which consisted of your own personal mini bottle of champagne, with bitters, a brown sugar cube and lemon twist. It felt decedent in these hard economic times. And at $6, we couldn't afford not not to order it! I'll be returning soon to sample the California Egg Cream. You should too.


Tim said...

It's actually at Augusta and California, but we know what you mean. This place used to be unbearable during the smoking days, but now it's great.

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

damn it! I fixed it :)