Twisted Sister Bakery

After working for a rock n' roll agency for the past 4 years that specializes in heavy metal (ROCK!), I had to stop in to Twisted Sister Bakery, when I strolled by it on Saturday afternoon. I walked into a cozy shop, filled with holiday decorations, the smell of vanilla, and most importantly, lots and lots of sweet treats! (and sadly, no Slayer playing on the radio).

And while I am someone who would rather have an extra slice of cheese than a piece of chocolate, the cupcakes looked so good - so perfect - that I just had to try the seasonal Caramel Apple Cupcake. All I can say is YUM. Not too sweet, the cupcake was the perfect fall flavor for a rainy Saturday. (wait, is it winter? whatever).

And to top it all off, I got a call from the bakery today. I had dropped off my business card in an effort to win their weekly "1/2 POUND OF COOKIES" giveaway and I won! Looks like I know what Steve's getting for Christmas now...

Twisted Sister Bakery is located at 1543 N. Wells St in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood.

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