Tasty Tasty Starfruit Rap

I'm in NYC this week for work (yes!) but last night, I got an email from Peen with a lyrical ode to one of my favorite new places, Starfruit. Located at 1745 W. Division in Ukie Village/Wicker Park, the colorful and bright shop offers frozen kefir, which is a treat similar to frozen yogurt that apparently has positive effects on your health - from increasing energy to aiding with digestion. The first time I tasted it, I was a bit turned off by the distinct sour-ness of the kefir but now, I'm hooked. I need it on a daily basis. It's a real problem because at about $3.50 a pop, I'm going to be dipping into my truffle fund very soon here. But there's something about ordering a frozen treat in the dead of winter that makes me really feel like I'm showing winter who is boss! Anyway, here's the rap. Enjoy!
yo -
I've got this hankering ...can't you see
It's a fresh little icy delicacy

I dream about it during the day
I dream about it at night

I once was caught sleepwalkin' with this place in sight

I was walkin' east on division and right past Wood
I knew that I was close cuz I was in Lindsay's hood

I looked to my left and I looked to my right
Booo yah bitch, it's Chicago's rip off Tasty Delite

I walk on in and order up my fav
Plain vanilla yogurt with some strawberry

I also add some granola to make myself better
And then I walk out all sad because I spent all my cheddar

I take a little bite and I take a little sniff
and before I even know it my Starfruit's gone in a jiff

It was worth all my money and it was worth all my time
Go get some for Lindsay, Shannon and don't...forget mine!

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dapeen said...

no seriously...go get us starfruit