North Carolina On My Mind

I took my first trip to the mountain town of Hendersonville, NC on Wednesday for a Southern Thanksgiving. I guess I didn't realize that North Carolina was so southern, and being a Texas girl myself, it was nice to be back in the land of y'all and thanks darlin'. Besides the vernacular, the food was hearty and plentiful.

Pickled eggs, en mass. I was curious, but not curious enough to buy any. Next time, North Carolina...next time.

A trip to Waffle House! When growing up in McKinney, at our local Waffle House, the "USE" was always busted out of the "HOUSE" part of the sign, so the sign usually said "WAFFLE HO". Ah the memories. If you're wondering, I had my hash browns smothered, covered, diced, and capped.

Uncle Dave checks the gas on the deep fryer. About 30 minutes later, an entire turkey went into this sucker. For the most part, I stayed away from it, as I had visions of a massive turkey explosion in my head.

When traveling in the U.S., gas stations are the best place to find local flava. Oh yea, I said it! Check out these Deep Fried Peanuts. While they were pretty gross, I think if they had been freshly fried, this could have been a nice snack.

In honor of the day of food, we played a great new game called Foodie Fight. It's like Trivial Pursuit, but created by someone who was really hungry. While we quit early (when dessert was served) I could tell I was on my way to a win!

If this doesn't say family time, I don't know what does. John makes the creepy excited face over a tin of stuffing. (finger appearance courtesy of John's brother, Will)

Chedda' & chive mashed potatoes. Ingredients = yukon golds, butter, cream, butter, cheddar cheese, chives, butter and cream.

The evening of Thanksgiving, we rolled ourselves over to Steve's aunt's house and had a bonafide bonfire. We even told ghost stories. For some reason, a lot of them revolved around Cincinnati. Who knew Cincy was so scary?

On our flight back, we took a wee little plane and here I am, nervously smiling. It was like being in a flying mini van!


dapeen said...

this was a great diary of your days of thanks in the south. May we borrow the flying mini astro for January? Not to fret - Lindsay is driving

stevenpowell said...

yes, agreed! very nice recap. you did, however, leave out the bit about shopping for the only good piece of jicama in late november in the entire state of NC. at ANGles (!) of course....

Sarah said...

i am so upset that you didn't even try the pickled eggs!!!