A Rappin' Good Time

The rapper is back! Please welcome Peen back for this ode to her Mexican vacation. If we could all be so lucky!

I'm bustin' out this rap as you can plainly see
about a little trip I took with homegirl Pixel and her hubby "Gadget D"

We went down south...for about a week or so
To the tropical paradise ...my hometown...that's Mexico

It was a rainy rainy start and we had nothing left to do
but to stock up on the Mezcal, Tequila, and domestic Sol brew

We went to the Mexican Walmart ..cuz that's where the playas shop
bought some eggs, some bread, some liquor, and a crazy tamarind lollipop

We would drink all day and wait for the sun to come out
and when it did...drinks up at the pool bar THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' BOUT

There was a mad list of drinks we could order by the water
Pixel says "Gimme one Banana Monkey and two ice cold cheladas. 3 shots of Sauza" Do I want limes? "Homie don't even bother!"

After drinkin' all our drinks and sippin' on the shot
we had to order lunch and this is what we got

Tacos....breaded shrimp the most delectable kind
Smothered in creamed cilantro, orange juice and lime

Garnished with cold tomatoes and shredded lettuce that was so fresh
Deaner D ate 'em up so fast his new trunks were made a mess

After eating our feast and feelin' all right
We would proceed back to the quarters to get more drinks in our system for the night

Mexico o' Mexico how I miss your mojitos and your shrimp taquitos
I love your cenotes, your music, and your beautiful speedos.


andrew said...

very nice peen.

shannon, ur blog makes me hungry.


pixel said...

much success.

-the one and only pixel

you da best, i be da judge. BITCH!