Peen's Morsels

Welcome to the first week of CV's new mid-week feature, Morsels. Say it 5 times fast and it starts to sound funny. Morsels will contain bits of food wisdom and interviews with some of my favorite people. Enjoy these little bites!

Age: 27
Occupation: Barber
Resides in: Ukrainian Village, Chicago

1. Favorite band with some sort of food in its name:
Blind Melon

2. Give us your favorite vegetable and how you like it prepared:
Chayote (it's Mexi) in stewed soup. (Ed. note - Chayote is a type of Mexican squash)

3. If you could only eat 1 flavor of ice cream for the rest of your
life, what would that flavor be?

I love Pistachio but...really Jamoca Almond Fudge makes my dreams come true. I like the nuts!

4. Favorite food show:
This is a tough one. It's a tie between Mexico, One Plate at a Time with my man, Mexican wannabe Rick Bayless and Check, Please! Alpana Singh is muy sexy.

5. Please describe your ideal 2 am drunken feast:
First of all I get in at 4 am. 2 carne asada tacos, with onions and cilantro, 1 vegetarian taco from Allendes on Lincoln and a baked apple pancake from Clarke's. I'd be slurping on some Tamarind Juice and a Budweiser.

6. Favorite steak-house side dish:
A nice Shiraz. Oh...u mean food - - sauteed spinach with garlic and mushrooms from Gibson's.

7. If you live in Chicago, give us your favorite restaurant here in
Chi-town. If not, share with us the number one spot in your city
It used to be Demon Dogs but now it's Ignotz....hidden Italian gem in Pilsen. That's right, Italian in Pilsen

8. How do you take your coffee?
Black but on the weekends a hint of cream and sugar

9. Top 3 condiments:
Limes, Cholula hot sauce, and brown mustard from Gray's Papaya

10. How do you like d'em apples?
Huh??? In a warmed strudel atop honey yogurt (earwax cafe yo)

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