Cheese On Fire

One of my favorite meals to order at Rodity's in Chicago's Greektown is Saganaki. The flaming cheese dish is not only super delicious, but it's a festive table-side event, celebrating cheese! What more could you want? My friend (and photographer) Carmen recently made the dish in her very own kitchen and here's her recipes and photos. Now I think I'm heading to Greektown...

Recipe for Saganaki (Chicago-style Greek flaming cheese!)
Halloumi Cheese (they sell it at Whole Foods. Has a curd-like consistency)
Cast iron pan or something fire proof for the "show"

1. Slice the loaf of Halloumi into slices about a half an inch thick

2. Coat with flour, a light brushing is fine

3. Heat up a little butter (1/2 teaspoon, enough to get an even layer on the pan). I like to keep the pan at a medium heat

4. Place the cheese in the pan. Cook until it is browned on both sides

5. Ok, here's the fun part. I cook my cheese in a cast iron pan so I can just light on fire right in the pan. Pour about a half a shot of brandy (preferably a Greek brandy) over the cheese then light on fire with matches or lighter and then everyone yell OOOPPA!!!

6. Squeeze lemon over the fire to put it out.

You can eat it plain but its pretty strong so I like to eat it with bread and olive oil.



Tim said...

That looks awesome!!

Sarah said...

ooopaaaa! i love saganaki. thanks for the recipe