Hungry Man Soup

In the winter, I like to make big pots of soups and stews. Then I can take the leftovers to work all week and stay warm and full on the cheap (and healthy!) But I also need something that's filing. I don't know about you but one bowl of soup ain't gonna get me through until dinner. So I find ways to make my soups extra hearty, more like a meal or a Hungry Man frozen dinner! In this soup, I added brown rice to bulk it up. Recipe below.

Creamy Asparagus and Mushroom Soup with Brown Rice

Carton of mushrooms (I used button but you can use any variety)
One medium yellow onion
12 stalks of asparagus, diced
Veggie Broth
Brown Rice (I found a package of precooked rice to make this super easy, at Trader Joe's)
Half and Half
Greek-style yogurt
Goat Cheese (yes, I'm on a goat cheese kick)
Salt and Pepper
Green Onion Stalks

1. Saute diced onion, mushroom, and asparagus in stock pan until soft
2. Add veggie broth, bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer
3. Pour in the half-and-half (to taste, depends how creamy you like your soup) and add a cup of goat cheese. Puree with a hand mixer or food processor until the vegetables are blended.
4. Add sage (I like lots) and salt (lots) & pepper (lots)
5. Add package of brown rice
6. Serve to hungry friends and family! Garnish with a dollop of greek-style plain yogurt and chopped green onions. Yummm


kjp said...

Ok. I love making big batches of things, especially if I can use my crock pot, but I get sick of whatever it is and then it just goes bad in my refrigerator...or, I'll freeze said big batch, and forget about it in the feezer... which annoys Tim b/c he loves to buy a million bags/boxes of frozen foods from Trader Joes. What should I do??????

Shannon Darling Dearest said...

Hmmm ok I have 2 possible solutions. Maybe you can combine them.

First, make your leftovers fresh by adding exciting (!) toppings - i.e., sour cream, hot sauce, diced onions, tortilla chips, pumpkin seends, etc. Maybe that will help you not get bored with your excess food!

The other option is to set an alarm in your phone two weeks after freezing the food, as a reminder that it's there for you to eat. And tell Tim you need more freezer space!

Good luck!