Hot Toddys, For The Dogs

On Sunday, freezing cold Sunday, Peen, Steve and I decided to take Rufus to the dog park for some exercise. He looooves the dog park. Sometimes it takes 30-45 minutes to catch him when it's time to head back home. He never wants to leave. So we decided to come prepared and make up a batch of hot toddys to take with us, to keep us nice and toasty while running after the dog.

Apparently, the term hot toddy, which refers to any sort of whiskey or strong spirit, served warm, usually with lemon and sugar, originated in the 18th century and was created to make the taste of a strong scotch more appealing to the women folk. All I can say is it worked!

Here's my hot toddy recipe. I recommend taking a jug of it to the dog park and laughing away the Sunday blues.

Shannon's Hot Toddy
Jack Daniels or Jim Beam
2 lemons
Black Tea

Mix equal parts whiskey and hot black tea
Add the juice of 2 lemons, a few tablespoons of honey to taste, and a pinch or two of cinnamon. Serve warm and keep away from the dogs!

A tired pup, post dog park


dapeen said...

this should become a Sunday ritual. And Saturday...Friday...what day is today?

Shaq Attaq said...

those toddies were mixed perfectly. i completely second peen's ideer. let's do it this sunday too.


Anonymous said...

I thought this said hot teddies...opps.