Dork Alert! Recipe Exchange!

My friend Helen recently sent me a chain letter of sorts - although a useful one. It basically followed this format:

1. Slim Goodbody: slim@gmail.com
2. Helen: xxxxx@gmail.com

You've been invited to be a part of a recipe exchange (mostly because I know you like to cook). Please send a recipe to the person whose name is listed in the number 1 position above (even if you don't know them) and it should preferably be something quick and easy. Actually, the best one is one you know in your head and can type out and send right now.

Then, copy this letter into a new e-mail, move my name to the number 1 position and put your name in the number 2 position. Only my and your name should show when you send your e-mail. Send to 20 friends. Use your bcc: field to hide names. If you cannot do this within 5 days, let me know so it will be fair to those participating. You should receive 36 recipes

I received the following recipes from people, most of who I didn't know - score!

•Mashed Potatoes and Kale
•Avocado-Citrus Tuna Salad
•Veggie Chili
•Scalloped Potato Casserole

And the recipe that intrigued me the most:

Spicy Peanut Soup!

1. Saute 1 chopped onion, 1 chopped garlic clove and 1/8 tsp (more if you like it really spicy) cayenne pepper in a big stock pot until the onions and garlic and soft 2. Add 2 chopped carrots, 2 chopped celery stalks, a few potatoes (chopped), 1 red bell pepper chopped and cook for about 5 min.
3. Add some vegetable stock (I usually eyeball it to a nice chunky soup consistency), 4. 1 can corn (although corn cut straight from a couple of cobs is much better) and 6 tbsp peanut butter. Let simmer 20 minutes and Enjoy!

Thanks to Mollie!
Photos to come once I attempt to make this vegan speciality!


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