Dobrou chut! (Czech for "Hope it Tastes Good!")

Steve and his family recently took a trip to Prague. I made him promise to get some good food pics, as I was curious what people in Prague ate.

Salmon in dill sauce

Baked potato with finely chopped raw garlic and cottage cheese. A favorite of Steve's

Vegetarian sausages(!) with mustard. Apparently these were not very good, although with my love for fake meat, I'm pretty sure I would have liked them.

Young lamb steaks with Bilberries. Bilberries are similar to blueberries and in fact, often referred to as European Blueberries. Some people believe they improve vision, especially night vision

The mystery dish - Steve can't remember what this was. I'm thinking some sort of potato.

A ham roll. Yes, ham roll. While a roll of ham sounds unappetizing to me, the artfulness of this plate is impressive.

Carrot and apple salad

A salad of tomatoes, lettuce and lots of raw garlic. I think their use of the pungent bulb should be saluted!


dapeen said...

wonderful pictures SeƱor Marks - ham looked slammin

Sarah said...

those vegetarian sausages look like hot dogs - what gives? the mystery dish looks yummy though.